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how to find tabs -

many of the requests that come in are for pieces which are already available online, sometimes on the main page of this site! so first make sure the piece you're looking for isn't on the Classical Guitar Tablature page, then try searching the web, the archives for the newsgroup and, the main tab sites and their associated archives Power Tab, TuxGuitar, TablEdit, Classclef, GProTab etc), and (if you can face the ads) Ultimate Guitar -- there are some specialist classical tabs sites listed on the Classtab links page -- there are also tab files available on the various file-sharing networks (eMule, The Pirate Bay, Demonoid etc).

if the tab can not be found and the request is for an acoustic fingerstyle classical composition, then you are welcome to email me asking for it to be added to the wants list below -- you could also try using one of the MIDI to tab conversion programs such as Power Tab -- the fingering may be wrong, but it should gives you the correct notes -- (fingering can be corrected from the sheet music or by watching YouTube vids) -- if you need a tab done urgently, use one of the online music engraving or custom transcription services

if you have the guitar tablature in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT for any of the following or if you know where they can be found, then please email me -- but before sending in tabs please check the latest version of this page to see if they are still wanted, and if possible play through them to make sure they are ok -- requests for sheet music are only for the purpose of contributing tabs to the Tabs Page -- wants may disappear after a year or so, but can be re-requested -- if you want to create a tab but can't find the sheet music, please ask

please do not send in unedited tabs created from MIDI files

list of tab  WANTS  (i do not have any of these tabs)

anon / trad - "Morenica (Morenika) (Canción Sefardí)" - tab or sheet - [vid: Sebastián Legovich]
anon / trad - "The Sheep Under the Snow" - Randal Bays arrangement - [vid: Jim Kelleher]
ARECO, Lucas Braulio - "Misionerita" - arr Jorge Cardoso
BACH, JS - "BWV 525 - Trio Sonata No 1 in Eb - Adagio"
BACH, JS - "BWV 528 - Trio Sonata No 4 in Em - Un poco Allegro"
BACH, JS - "BWV 538 - Prelude (Toccata) in Cm"
BACH, JS - "BWV 547 - Prelude in C"
BACH, JS - "BWV 553 - Prelude and Fugue in C"
BACH, JS - "BWV 565 - Toccata and Fugue in Dm" (Edson Lopes arrangement - sheet available - vid: Edson Lopes)
BACH, JS - "BWV 572 - Fantasia in G"
BACH, JS - "BWV 825 - Keyboard Partita No 1 in Bb - 2. Allemande"
BACH, JS - "BWV 974 - Oboe Concerto in D minor - 3. Presto"
BACH, JS - "BWV 1004 - Violin Partita No 2 in Dm - 5. Chaconne" (arr Anabel Montesinos) - [vid: Anabel Montesinos]
BACH, JS - "BWV 1010 - Bach's Cello Suite No 4 in Eb - 1. Prelude" (arr Eliot Fisk) - tab or sheet - [vid: Eliot Fisk]
BACH, JS - "BWV 1056 - Harpsichord Concerto No 5 in F minor - 1. Allegro" - tab or sheet - [vid: Trevor Pinnock]
BACH, JS - "BWV 1066 - Suite No 1 in C" - (all)
BACH, JS - "BWV 1067 - Suite No 2 in Bm" - (the first four movements)
BEATLES, The (John Lennon & Paul McCartney) - "In My Life" (Göran Söllscher arrangement)
BEETHOVEN - "Op 27 No 2 - Sonata No 14 in C#m (Moonlight), 1st movement" - in Gm, arr Segovia
BEETHOVEN - "Op 50 - Romance for Violin and Orchestra No 2 in F"
BELLINATI, Paulo - "Jongo" (duet) - sheet available
BENZAQUÉN, Jorge - "Preludio Para Una Rosa" - [vid: Alfonso Montes]
BERNSTEIN - "West Side Story (I Feel Pretty, Maria, America)" - (Jorge Morel's arrangement)
BIZET - "Ernest Guiraud's Carmen Suites 1 & 2" (arr Hirokazu Sato for solo guitar) - tab or sheet - [vid: Kaori Muraji]
BLANCO, Hugo - "Moliendo Café"
BLAZQUEZ, Eladia - "Sueno de Barrilete (Kite Flying Dream)" - [vid: Yoo Sik Ro] - [vid: Victor Villadangos] - (piano sheet available)
BONFA, Luiz - "Bahia Soul (from Black Orpheus Impressions)" - tab or sheet - [vid: Luiz Bonfá]
BONFA, Luiz - "Tenderley"
CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO, Mario - "Op 199, Les Guitarres Bien Tempérées - 7. Prelude et Fugue in C#m"
CHOPIN - "Op 57, Berceuse" - tab or sheet
CORBETTA, Francesco - "Caprice de Chaconne in C major (from La Guitarre Royalle)" - tab or sheet
DALZA, Joan Ambrosio - "Pavana alla Venetiana" - tab or sheet
DE LA RUE, Pieere - "Requiem Mass - Missa de Profunctis" - (any of the 7 parts)
DONIZETTI - "The Furtive Tear" (Una Furtiva Lagrima, from L'Elisir d'Amore)
DOORS, The - "Riders on the Storm" (Andrew Zohn arrangement) - [vid: Andrew Zohn]
DOWLAND, John - "Lord Viscount Lisle his Galliard" ("Sir Robert Sidney his Galliard")
EINAUDI, Ludovico - "Full Moon (Day 3)" (Michael Lewin arrangement) - tab or sheet - [vid: Miloš Karadaglić]
FALLA, Manuel de -"Siesta in Granada" - tab or sheet
FORTIN, Richard - "Concerto of the Andes" (as played by Liona Boyd)
GLASS, Philip - "Mad Rush" (Fourth Series - Part Four)
GLASS, Philip - "The Hours" - tab or sheet
GRANADOS, Enrique - "Valses Sentimentales - No 8, Con Sentimiento" - (Joaquin Clerch arrangement) - tab or sheet
GUERRA, Rey - "Un Dia Despues"
GUTIERREZ, Pedro Elías (lyrics by Rafael Bolívar Coronado) - "Alma Llanera (Soul Of The Plains)" (arr Alirio Diaz)
HANDEL - "Largo from Xerxes" (in C, arr John Mackenzie / in E, arr Luciano Zuccheri) - sheet available
HARRISON, Lou - "A Waltz For Evelyn Hinrichsen" (David Tanenbaum version) - (tab or sheet)
HASSLER, Leo Hassler - "Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded"
HAYDN - "Piano Sonata in Eb - 2. Adagio e cantabile" - "Lestat's Sonata" - No 59 (Landon) / No 49 (Hob. XVI)
HOUGHTON, Phillip - "Gothica: Book of Spooks" - all except Nos 1 & 2 - (tab or sheet)
HUERTA Y CATURLA, Trinidad Francisco - "Four Divertimentos" - (tab or sheet) - [vid: Taro Takeuchi]
JOHNSON, Dax - "A Search for Significance"
LANGENUS, Gustave - "Chrysalis" - tab or sheet
LOUIGUY (Louis Guglielmi) - "La Vie en Rose" (a romantic version please!)
LOVELADY, William - "Dream of Russian Summer" (dedicated to Tatyana Ryzhkova) - (tab or sheet)
MANCINI, Henry - The Sweetheart Tree
MANDEL, Johnny - "The Shadow Of Your Smile" ("Love Theme from The Sandpiper") - Esteban arrangement - [vid: Esteban]
MARAIS, Marin - "Les Voix Humaine"
MARCHETTI, Fidenco Dante - "Fascination"
McTELL, Ralph - "Streets of London" - John Williams duet arrangement
MILLS, Frank - "Music Box Dancer"
MOORE, Brian - "Horizon"
MOREL, Jorge - "Latin Impressions" - tab or sheet - [vid: Jorge Morel]
NUNEZ, Gerado - "Salmedina (Granaina)"
NÜSKE, John Abraham - "Fantasia on God Save the King"
OLIVA, Julio César - "Tres Cuadros Magicos - Desde Que Te Vi, Te Entregue Mi Corazon" - tab or sheet
PAREDES, Carlos - "Sede E Morte" - tab or sheet
PART, Arvo - "Cantus - In memory of Benjamin Britten"
PASIECZNY, Marek - "Krok na tri" (Walk for 3 / Step to Three) - tab or sheet
PENA, Paco (& Falu, Eduardo?) - "Danza Cordobesa" - tab or sheet
RAMEAU - "Suite in D minor, RCT 3 - 1. Les Tendres Plaintes" (arr Michel Grizard - sheet available) - [vid: Raphaël Feuillâtre]
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - "Sadko - Song of India" - Yamashita arrangement - tab or sheet - [vid: Kazuhito Yamashita]
RODRIGUEZ, Gerardo Matos - "La Cumparsita" - Cacho Tirao arrangement
RYAN, Gary - "Lough Caragh" - tabs or sheet
SABICAS, Agustin Castellon - "Bulerias" (** Pepe Romero arrangememt **) - tab or sheet
SAN SEBASTIAN, José Antonio - "Dolor - Preludio Vasco" - (Maria Luisa Anido arrangement)
SCARLATTI, Domenico - K12 / L489, Sonata in Gm (K12 / L489) - *solo* version of the Henderson-Kolk Duo arrangement - [vid: D Henderson & M Kolk]
SCHUMANN, Robert - "Op 15, Kinderszenen - 10. Fast zu ernst (Almost Too Serious)" (tab or sheet)
SCHUMANN, Robert - "Op 23, Nachtstücke (Night Pieces) - 4. Roundelay" - [vid: Bryan Sutton]
SINESI, Quique - Cielo Abierto - [vid: Victor Villadangos]
TARREGA - "Andante" - "Estudio Number 8 in La menor" (Am) - (from Liona Boyd CD)
TIERSEN, Yann - any tabs
TISSERAND, Thierry - "Azur" from "Medley No 3" (sheet)
VERDI - "Nabucco, Va Pensiero"
VIVALDI - "The Four Seasons - Spring" - in C
XARHAKOS, Starvros - "Varcarole" (Barcarole)
ZIMMER, Hans - "He's A Pirate" (not the single note tab, but a more complete arrangement)

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