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abuse about the Classical Guitar Tablature page

about 50% of the mail i receive to do with the Tabs page consists of new tabs to be added, corrections to existing tabs, questions about guitar techniques or how to play individual pieces, and requests for for me to tab pieces not already on the page

the other 50% are mainly asking for tabs to be added to my Wants List, suggestions for improving the page, and generous praise for my efforts (tho i usually reply pointing out that the real heroes are those who do the tabs) - this encouragement helps to keep me going, and more than compensates for the extremely rare email (less than 1 in 1000) which contains abuse and condemnation

when i started the Tabs page, guitarists would often get angry about people using tablature to learn classical music, but nowadays this is very rare, in fact i've not had an email along those lines for over 3 years -- the examples below perhaps serve as a warning to think before posting off that angry email -- there's no telling where it might end up :)

the following correspondence isn't abusive about tablature per se (at least not initially), but is a fine example of arrogance, rudeness and ignorance -

From: "Daniel Bentley" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 18:01:52 +0100

i cannot believe u do not have any work of villa lobos on this web page what sort of classical guitar organisation are u.
Please reply to with a reply to this complaint
Mr Bentley

given the lack of a Subject and no reference to which page/site he'd visited, i wasn't sure whether he was talking about tabs, MIDIs, MP3s or sheet - so i replied, in what i thought was a fairly jocular vein -

Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 18:56:16 +0100
Subject: your complaint of 1st august

Dear Mr Bently,

> i cannot believe u do not have any work of villa lobos on this web page

Thank you for informing me of your belief that I have work of Villa-Lobos on the page you were looking at. However before being able to confirm this, I need to know the address of the page. I look after several sites hosted on various web servers in the UK, US and Scandinavia. Some of the thousands of pages I act as webmaster for may well feature works by Villa-Lobos; some certainly will not.

> what sort of classical guitar organisation are u

I am neither a classical guitarist, nor an organisation.



unfortunately i was at the end of a 6 hour session answering email, and i misspelt his surname, something which he seemed to take as a personal insult (tho at least i paid him the courtesy of addressing him by name) -

From: "dan bentley" <>
Subject: Re: your complaint of 1st august
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 09:43:01 +0000

i don't think handling your complaints with sarcasm and cockyness is the best way to go about the matter, (look up rhetorical questions in a dictionary)and please do me the common decency of spelling my name correctly,

as a result of your ill manered ways i will not be using your service again, i prefer to spend a bit more money on buying the correctly written sheet music than some sketchy tablature version.

Thanks for your time

Daniel Bentley

presumably Mr Bentley, for all his pedantry re the spelling of names, was unable to find any of the 19 Villa-Lobos pieces on the Tablature page because he was looking under "L" for Lobos

From: brian daft <>
Subject: dude..
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:55:12 -0500

Come on updates since May 18th?! If you are that busy, hand over the site to someone else who has time for it. You've got a great thing going there but I know you have tons of material to put up and you aren't. Get going on it or let someone else do it...please.

any offers?

[civilised requests from authors for the removal of emails quoted on this page are always considered sympathetically]

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